Top 10 Reasons Why Namecheap Is Simply The Best

Namecheap is a Domain Registrar that was founded in 2000 and is mainly known for selling domains and hosting. Namecheap is the second largest selling domain registrar in the world, with over 11 million domains under their management.

Their professionalism and customer support is what makes Namecheap so popular and trusted among bloggers, businesses and people who resell domains part-time or professionally.

My Experience and Thoughts on Domain Registrars

I purchased my first domain and many more domains after that, a year back from different domain registrars and was excited at the time, thinking I was going to make a lot of money from selling my cool domain names, well after some time had passed, I then realized this dream of mine was only wishful thinking, so I then decided to create a website, which was going to be a great challenge for me, as I had no experience or much knowledge about building websites.

So how did I learn you might ask, I searched google for months looking for tutorials and tips and later realized the power of learning through youtube videos, as this made my learning process much faster and easier because you get to actually see where you are going wrong and how you can correct it by just watching the complete video tutorials available on youtube.

For a whole year, I never had a live website, I just used a free localhost software call xampp, to create websites offline, this helped me a lot because I did not need to purchase a domain name or any hosting for my learning.

During this time, I stumbled upon an article about why your website needs WhoisGuard. Without WhoisGuard, you get no protection of your personal information, which means that anyone can look up your domain name, and get all your personal information, like your full name, address and telephone number, so basically, you are exposed to all sorts of spam if you do not have WhoisGuard protection for your domain.

So upon checking all my domain registrars at the time, I realized that to have WhoisGuard protection for all my domains will cost me plus minus $150, which was a catch twenty-two situation at the time. Eventually, I give in and purchased the WhoisGuard protection for all my domains, as for me it was the right thing to do.

Then a few months later, I start receiving emails from all my domain registrars, informing me, that your domains need to be renewed soon or they will all be canceled, I then go and check to see what it will cost me to renew all my domains, I was absolutely shocked, that renewing all my domains were going to cost me, plus minus 150% more than the original purchase I paid for them.

You should, therefore, make it your number one golden rule, when purchasing a new domain from any domain registrar, always check what the renewal cost is for that particular TLD or domain extension is, before deciding to purchase it longterm. But if you are someone who is just buying and selling domains within a year, then you will probably not need to worry about renewing costs.

It was now that I realized, I had to find a new domain registrar, that had a good reputation and one that I could trust over time and their prices would be affordable and realistic with no overpricing of domain renewals.

After doing a week of hard research on a lot of domain registrars, I came to the conclusion that Namecheap fits all the right criteria that I would look for in a domain registrar. Therefore I wasted no time in quickly registering a Namecheap account and transferred all 20 of my domains to Namecheap, I think the transfer process took between 4 to 7 days before they were all officially in my Namecheap account. I was very pleased now that all my domains were here without any problems whatsoever.

A month later, Namecheap makes a major announcement that WhoisGuard will remain free forever, my initial response or reaction at the time was “wow, I am so lucky to have made this great move”, not to ever worry about paying for the privacy of my domains for a lifetime, was worth a celebration at the time.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons Why Namecheap Is Simply The Best domain registrar to house all domains.

1. Namecheap Domains

namecheap domain name extensions

I highly recommend Namecheap confidently, as Namecheap now is the only domain registrar, I use to purchase all my domain names from. Why did I choose Namecheap? Firstly, their pricing and renewal of domains are completely transparent and affordable, when compared to other domain registrars, who would normally overcharge you between 50% and 150%, if you decided to renew your domains with them.

Namecheap is also a highly reputable domain registrar company with over 18 years of experience and that alone makes me feel, that my domains are in a safe place to start with.

2. Namecheap Free WhoisGuard Protection

namecheap whoisguard free protection

Every time when you purchase a domain, ICANN requires that all domain registrars provide them with all your contact details such as your full name, telephone number, street address, email address and your domain information such as registration, renewal and expiry dates.

ICANN than stores all of this important information into a database, that can then be viewed by anyone who looks up your domain name, will then be able to see all your personal information of yours that is related to your domain name.

What if you do not want your personal information to be seen or violated by the public, spammers, marketing firms and possibly by online fraudsters. Then you should definitely consider using Namecheap’s free WhoisGuard privacy protection, as this piece of intelligent software, will protect all your personal information by completely blocking all access from the public eye.

Unbelievably as I mentioned earlier in this article that Namecheap, has now decided to give this domain privacy protection option, that is WhoisGuard free forever, never ever pay for domain privacy protection if you are a Namecheap customer.

3. Namecheap Shared-Hosting Benefits

namecheap shared hosting

When you buy Namecheap shared hosting you will get a free .website domain to use and 50 free PositiveSSL certificates for a whole year. They have 3 types of shared hosting, the first one is Stellar which allows you to host 3 websites with 20 GB SSD storage space ($15.44 for 1st year), the second one is their popular Stellar Plus which allows you to host unlimited websites with unmetered SSD storage space ($26.44 for 1st year) and the final one is Stellar Business which allows you to host unlimited websites with 50 GB SSD storage space plus utmost resources for highly intensive websites ($49.44 for 1st year).

If you decided not to renew their PostiveSSL certificates after a year, you can then always use Namecheap’s cpanel and auto-renew SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, which are completely free for everyone and this will keep all your websites secured using HTTPS protocol.

4. Namecheap Free DNS

namecheap free dns

Without DNS (Domain Name System) your websites will not connect to the world wide web (www), therefore for all your websites to work, DNS nameservers must be set properly at your Domain Registrar and at your hosting company.

Most domain registrars will charge you to set up DNS for your domains, whereas Namecheap offers this service free of charge. Namecheap also offers Premium DNS for $4.88 for the first year and this will completely guard and protect your website against all DDOS attacks. Alternatively, if you cannot afford this, you can always register an account at Cloudflare and they will give you free DDOS protection for all your websites.

5. Namecheap Marketplace to Sell Domains

namecheap free domain marketplace

For some reason, you have decided that you do not want a particular domain anymore or you believe that you can profit from selling this domain of yours. Well, Namecheap has its own marketplace where one can sell all their domains fast and easily. When your domain is sold to someone successfully, Namecheap will just deduct 10% off your domain sale.

Some of you might not know this, that you can also feature one of your domains for free, all you have to do is contact Namecheap live chat support and ask them to feature this domain that you want to sell.

The current default setting for selling domains is set between $5 and a $1000, but if you feel that your domain value is worth much more than this, then you should contact their live chat support and they will gladly assist you in increasing your domain selling limits for their marketplace.

6. Namecheap Free Website Migration

namecheap free website migration

Namecheap guarantees free migration of your website within 24 hours or your first year of hosting will be free. Also if you are not completely satisfied with their migration process of your website, Namecheap will also credit your account with 1 year of free hosting. Therefore it is a win-win situation if you are a Namecheap customer.

7. Namecheap Private Business Email Hosting

namecheap private email hosting

I have heard a lot of positive great reviews about Namecheap’s Private and Business Email Cloud Hosting. The great news is that Namecheap offers all its customers an opportunity to try out their private email hosting plan for free for the first 2 months on every domain you purchase with them.

The business email hosting plan though is also free for the first 2 months, but can only be tried once for free. Which is absolutely nice of them to do, as you can try it out for free for the first time and see if this is something that you really need now or maybe something that you will want to incorporate into your website, at a later stage.

8. Namecheap Free Website Builder

namecheap free website builder

All Namecheap shared-hosting packages include the popular cpanel and a free drag and drop Website Builder. If you are a beginner learning to create a website for the first time, then using their Website Builder will definitely help you to build a beautiful website faster.

You also get to choose from almost 200 website design templates to style your websites such as personal, business, e-commerce, technology, entertainment, social templates and much more.

Alternatively, if you feel that this page builder is not for you, then you should definitely have a look at the Top 10 Best Page Builders for WordPress and see if there is a page builder that suits your needs or just download the free Elementor Page Builder, a WordPress plugin, which is the most popular and highest rated drag and drop page builder in the WordPress repository, to create content and design your website.

9. Namecheap VPN

namecheap virtual private network

This is a new feature offered by Namecheap. VPN stands for a virtual private network. What does it do? Simply it gives one total freedom and privacy over all their data or information that is transferred over the internet. For example, it allows you to browse the internet discreetly and safely, without worrying about prying eyes checking on your internet activities, for example, your ISP Provider may from time to time, might check up on your surfing habits.

Namecheap’s VPN is world class, that includes Military Grade Encryption, IP Anonymity, Security and Speed. You also get to choose from over 40 locations running over 1000 servers and to top it all, yes, unlimited bandwidth, which is perfect for sharing large files or streaming your favorite tv shows. Their cheapest VPN is the 2-year plan that sells for $2.88 per month or you can just get their monthly plan for $5.88.

10. Namecheap Dashboard User Interface

namecheap dashboard user interface

Checking and changing your domain settings with Namecheap dashboard user interface is another great reason why I love Namecheap. For me, Namecheap dashboard has the best modern user interface and all your settings for your domain is set on one page, which makes setting your domain DNS, renewing your domain or even selling your domains on Namecheap’s marketplace very simple.

If you have a lot of domains with Namecheap you can then create categories for all your domains, which makes it very easy and simple for searching and sorting your domains when you have them all categorized.

Namecheap Pros and Cons

Free WhoisGuard Protection.No telephone support.
Affordable shared-hosting.The marketplace should allow you to bid.
Free DNS to set nameservers.
Free marketplace to sell domains.
Within 60 secs. live chat response.


If you are a beginner, then my advice to you will be, not to purchase too many domains at the start of your venture unless you can afford to keep them all because of the renewal costs to keep them. It is always best to purchase domain names with the popular domain extension .com.

Nowadays I only purchase .com mainly because of its popularity and online presence it gives ones’ website, the only other domain extension I consider if I cannot get the .com extension, is the .info extension. To conclude, Namecheap is definitely the best place to house all your domains period.

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