Top 10 Essential WordPress Gutenberg Addons

top10 gutenberg addons

Gutenberg is the new WordPress visual editor that has replaced the most popular Classic Editor, as part of the core setup in WordPress 5.0. Gutenberg editor’s user interface, is completely different from Classic Editor, as one must now use blocks to create and publish content on the world wide web (www).

The editor will create a new page- and post-building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery.
Matt Mullenweg

With WordPress Gutenberg Addons, one can now easily design and create their own stunning looking professional web pages and posts with no coding skills required.

Top 10 List of Essential WordPress Gutenberg Addons

1. Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

gutenberg blocks wordpress plugin

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg once installed and activated, will turn your Gutenberg editor into a premium block editor, thus giving you the ability to design and style your content like a professional web developer for free.

Free Blocks: Advanced Heading, Advanced Columns, Blockquote, Call To Action, Content Timeline, Google Map, Icon List, Info Box, Multi Buttons, Post Carousel, Post Grid, Post Masonry, Post Timeline, Price List, Section, Social Share, Team and Testimonial.

2. Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks

stackable blocks wordpress plugin

Stackable is a beautiful collection of ready-to-use blocks for Gutenberg – the new WordPress editor. Stackable’s blocks give you the capability to build awesome front pages and landing pages.

Free Blocks: Container Block, Posts Block, Feature Grid Block, Accordion Block, Image Block Box, Feature Block, Icon List Box, Call To Action Block, Card Block, Header Block, Count Up Block, Video Popup Block, Pricing Box Block, Testimonial Block, Team Members Block, Notification Block, Number Box Block, Expand / Show More Block, Button Block, Blockquote Block.

3. Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlocks

co blocks wordpress plugin

CoBlocks is the most innovative collection of page building WordPress blocks for the new Gutenberg WordPress block editor. With additional blocks and true row and column building, CoBlocks gives you a true page builder experience for Gutenberg.

Free Blocks: Resizable Row/Columns Blocks, Shape Divider Block, Features Block, Media Card Block, Icon Block, Map Block, Accordion Block, Alert Block, Author Profile Block, Click to Tweet Block, Dynamic Separator Block, Gif Block, GitHub Gist Block, Highlight Block, Pricing Table Block and Social Sharing Block.

4. Premium Blocks for Gutenberg

premium blocks wordpress plugin

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg helps you create amazing looking websites using the new WordPress Editor: Gutenberg. All blocks were built with performance in mind.

Free Blocks: Banner Block, Button Block, Counter Block, Dual Heading Block, Icon Block, Maps Block, Pricing Table Block, Section Block, Testimonials Block, Accordion Block, Icon Box Block, and Video Box Block.

5. Block Gallery – Photo Gallery Gutenberg Blocks

block gallery wordpress plugin

Block Gallery is a suite of beautiful gallery Gutenberg blocks for photographers, artists, writers, and content marketers. This is the smartest, most powerful photo gallery plugin for WordPress.

Free Features: Masonry Gallery, Fullscreen Stacked Gallery and Carousel Slider.

6. Ultimate Blocks – Custom Gutenberg Blocks

ultimate blocks wordpress plugin

Ultimate Blocks is a collection of custom Gutenberg blocks for bloggers and marketers.

Free Blocks: Review (Schema Markup Enabled), Table of Contents, Call to Action, Content Toggle (Accordion), Feature Box, Notification Box, Number Box, Testimonial, Click to Tweet, Social Share, Countdown, Progress Bar, Star Rating, Button Block, Divider.

7. Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit

kadence blocks wordpress plugin

This plugin adds custom blocks to extend Gutenberg’s editing capabilities to better build custom layouts and with the Kadence Row Layout Block, you can better control columns for different screen sizes plus it gives you full row editing tools like padding, backgrounds, overlays with gradients, vertical-align and much more.

Free Custom Blocks: Row Layout, Advanced Heading, Advanced Button, Tabs, Icon, Spacer / Divider, and Info Box.

8. Advanced Gutenberg

advanced gutenberg wordpress plugin

Advanced Gutenberg adds the missing blocks and configuration you need to build professional websites.

Free Blocks: Post Slider, Product Slider, Advanced Button, Contact Form, Advanced List, Map Block, Advanced Table, Accordion, Tabs Block, Testimonial, Email Opt-In, Counter, Advanced Image, Advanced Video, and Social Links.

9. Atomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection

atomic blocks wordpress plugin

Atomic Blocks is a collection of content blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor. Blocks are chunks of content such as paragraphs, images, galleries, columns, and more. Building blocks give you more control to quickly create and launch any kind of site you want.

Free Blocks: Post Grid Block, Container Block, Testimonial Block, Inline Notice Block, Accordion Block, Share Icons Block, Call-To-Action Block, Customizable Button Block, Spacer & Divider Block, Author Profile Block and Drop Cap Block.

10. Ghost Kit – Blocks Collection

ghost kit wordpress plugin

Ghost Kit is a blocks collection and powerful extensions for Gutenberg block editor. With this collection, you will gain more control over content just like with popular page builders.

Free Blocks: Grid, Progress, Button, Divider, Alert, Icon Box, Number Box, Accordion, Tabs, Video, Carousal, Pricing Table, Testimonial, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, GitHub Gist and more.


Choosing the right Gutenberg Addon for your blog, all depends on what type of content you will be posting on your website. WPTOPTEN uses “Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg”.

If your blog is mainly focused on posting images, then “Block Gallery – Photo Gallery Gutenberg Blocks” is a must. If you are an affiliate blogger, you might wanna try “Ultimate Blocks – Custom Gutenberg Blocks”, it has a review and star rating block to get you started.

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